Knitted  mesh wires have numerous applications in industrial areas with its interlocking loop and knitting structure. They are known as a material that is very suitable for shaping,  and high flexibility. They can absorbe and  discharge the energy that they are subjected to, and also resistant to high and low temperatures.

They have high filtering capability as a result of the fact that they have  multiple filtering faces in comparison to  conventional mesh wires.

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Stainless Turbine (Gas) Wire

With its loop and knitting structure interlocked with 304-310-314-316 stainless steel wire, it has high mechanical resistance, high resistance to friction, rupture and shrinkage, and also has excellent durability against oxidation, high temperature and thermal shock.

Galvanized Knitted Mesh Wire

This type of knitted wire mesh posses all the physical strength and elasticity properties of carbon steel. It has protective a coating that provides enhanced corrosion strength.

Copper knitted wire mesh

Copper Knitted Wire Mesh  is the most used conductive material in order to benefit from its conductivity with its loop and knitting structure that are interlocked. Among its physical properties, it is known to prevent bad odors thanks to its high electrical and thermal conductivity, softness and solderability, high melting point, high resistance to corrosion, wear, and fatigue, as a catalyst in filtrations. It is used especially in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Standard deviation averages were taken for stainless 304-316 and Galvanized products.